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rates for professional organizer

Services and Rates

It's time to get the clutter under control and create a more peaceful, happy home.  Learn more what I provide below, and let me know if you have any questions or special requests. 

Here my 5 steps to achieve your ideal space:  

1) Consultation: This can be virtual or in-person, to further evaluate your organizing needs

2) Categorize: I'll take out all items and sort them into categories

3) Declutter: We'll work together and decide what you'll keep versus what can be donated or discarded

4) Organize: I'll install systems and place items back in an organized fashion

5) Complete: We'll do a final walk-through and I'll help discard items and drop off donations ​

Service Rate: $65/ hour

Since every person’s needs vary, I charge by the hour rather than the project. Any items I purchased for the project will be pre-approved and reimbursed. A copy of the original receipt will be attached to your invoice.

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